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Posted almost 4 years ago by Debi Bach

Subject:  Recertifying in 2015? Check off the NEW requirements for HPAR!

HPCC offers two options for CHPN® recertification:

 Fulfilling practice hour requirements and sitting for the CHPN® certification exam.


 Submitting the CHPN® Hospice and Palliative Accrual for Recertification (CHPN® HPAR)


The CHPN® HPAR requires renewal of certification by:

1. Fulfilling practice hour requirements.

2. Accumulating required points through various professional development activities.

3. Completion of the Situational Judgment Exercise (SJE). Beginning in 2015, the CHPN®

SJE is a required component of the HPAR process. As your credential will expire

December 31, 2015, you must complete this open book activity before submitting your

CHPN® HPAR. The cost is $60. This fee is NOT an additional fee. It is incorporated into

the current HPAR fee.  Link to Purchase SJE

For more details, please download the CHPN® SJE FAQs.

Beginning in 2015, CHPN® HPAR applications for recertification must be submitted online

through LearningBuilder software.

Click here for the LearningBuilder Quick Start Guide.

The reporting period for HPAR points is also known as the 'accrual period'. The reporting period

in which you can earn points for 2015 CHPN® renewal is January 1, 2011 through the time that

you submit your application. The deadline for CHPN® HPAR submission is October 31, 2015 for

the standard recertification fee.

Click here for the 2015 CHPN® HPAR packet.

Click here to download the HPAR FAQs.

If you have any questions please contact the National Office at 412-787-1057 or via email