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Distinction between National and Local(SFBA HPNA) membership

Posted about 3 years ago by Debi Bach

This is to clarify the difference between National and Local Membership as it seems some people are confused about it. National HPNA membership is $99/year for RNs.  You must go to HPNA.ORG to register.  The membership is current from the date you pay your membership fees to one year from then. You are then able to access the Members Only area of the HPNA, you are eligible to save money on products that HPNA sells, courses offered by them and scholarships that are offered by HPNF, plus many more benefits. It does not make you a member of a local chapter. The local chapters pay National HPNA yearly dues to be able to be a chapter but we receive no funding from National. Membership dues to the Local chapter stay at the local level.  Membership dues to SFBA HPNA are only $20/year. If you are a National member as well as a local member you are then able to be eliglible to be on the executive board, vote in the elections and be eligible for scholarships at the local level. You will have 2 different membership numbers if you are a National and Local member. This chapter encourages all of the members to also be National members but does not require that you belong to National. If the benefits that National HPNA offers is of interest to you please join and let us know that you are now a National member.  If you need any further clarification please do not hestitate to contact me at (925) 899-4848.  Thanks, Deb Bach, President SFBA HPNA


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